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Review and revise your business image
• Does the real world match your dream?
• Does your business image match you?
• Gaining professional polish.

Four Tough Problems Massage Therapists Face--And How to Deal with Them

Reevaluate your business flow
• Do you spend more time doing other things than massage?
• Does your money meet your needs?
• The balancing act of business, life, and self.

Investigate the next level of training to enhance your expertise
• What’s next in strengthening your business direction?
• Matching certification requirements with your business direction.

Identify and set your boundaries and say no appropriately
• Are you having difficulty in any area of your business?
• What can you do to change the difficulty into peaceful direction?
• Know if the client is always right?

Add on to your range of services
• Simple add-ons to increase value and perceptions.
• Talk about your services effectively and appropriately.
• Determining what is outside the scope of your business.

Pricing your services
• Setting the right pricing for your abilities.
• Advertising your prices.
• Know when to increase your prices – timing is important.

Daily do file updates
• Scheduling time for client and business files
• Using downtime effectively.

Keep up-to-date of new tools, lubricants, etc.
• Knowing what’s out there and how it might assist your goals.
• Allotting time for growth.

Using aromatherapy for profit
• Selecting scents to enhance your client’s relaxation.
• Using a certified aromatherapist.

Rotate music selections
• Finding a blend of music that accompanies your modality
• Client specific music

Learn to client speak
• Find out why clients choose you.
• Have a systematic verbal approach.
• Visual interpretation as well as written intake forms.
• Dealing with specific requests.
• Taking the money and saying goodbye.



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