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Webster defines “FOUNDATION” as “the base on which something rests." A successful massage career separates into three general categories, with Foundation being first. The planning at this level is critical for making sure there is a foundation to build your success on, from startup to retirement. 

This level offers structural guidelines and specific information designed to be helpful in avoiding general mistakes. Foundations is designed for persons who are starting out or want to jumpstart their massage or bodywork careers. 

Foundation is divided into three sections: 

This section offers how-to-steps on creating the type, style and direction your business will go. It gives you a travel plan and helps you write a business resume. It will help you be flexible and responsive to your industry and work environment.

This section is about getting and keeping customers and building your revenue streams. It covers different types of marketing, selling and advertising. 

Reputation covers your practice, the methods and ways you present what you do. It offers information to help create sound habits, ways to retain clients and pertinent dialogue for difficult situations.

Each resource offers answers to many of your questions. The information offered has been used in a thriving 13-year practice. This information looks at easy ways to solidify your services, avoid bad habits that can creep into a business, and look at some very practical marketing efforts that do not take a lot of money, effort or time. 





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