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Webster defines “BUILDING” as “the act, process, work, or business of construction”. A successful massage career seems to separate into three general categories, with the second phase, Building, critical for moving from startup mode to a secure career as a SSBO (Successful Small Business Owner). 

This level offers a variety of guidelines and specific information designed to help avoiding burn out and complacency. Building is designed for the person who has a good clientele, but desires additional clients, better client retention and increased revenue. 

This level is divided into three sections: 

This section offers step-by-step suggestions on fine-tuning your business and it’s direction. It gives alternate paths for enhanced business recognition and growth and helps you plan and implement the next logical steps to increase your revenues. 

This section is about marketing. It will help you select new revenue streams and market them. It will also help you fine-tune your verbal marketing and increase your confidence in your ability to market imaginatively, sell consistently and advertise carefully. 

Professional Practice offers insights on enhancing your practice, your client list and helps you prepare to be at the top of your profession. It will help you create a flexible, and sound business. 

Each resource offers answers to many of your questions. The information offered has been used in building a thriving 13-year practice. They look at ways to enhance your services, examine good and bad habits that creep into a business, and look at some very practical marketing efforts that do not take a lot of effort or time, something you may have in short supply. 





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