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Expanding Options

Schedule time for review
• Find out what worked and what didn’t
• Did what worked meet your goals?
• Expand what worked to include your new goals 

Update paper marketing materials
• Review/revise business card
• Review/revise brochures, etc
• Review/revise ads, handouts & newsletter formats

Communicate your value
• Know how to explain what you do
• Use benefit language
• Really listen to what is said to you

Market with current association trends and fads
• Know what is out there & how they work
• Shape trends and fads to work for your business

Client Hunting in Tough Times

Find new revenue streams
• Where haven’t you looked?
• Look at everything with a “revenue stream” eye
• Look for the missing piece – then you supply it
• Evaluate products to match your clientele
• What are the things you need? Others also need them.
• Design and sell a series or maintenance program

Establish “expert” status
• The person at the front of the room is the expert

Market new certifications
• How does this certification aid your clientele?
• Can it help a segment of the community?
• How many others offer this certification?

Sell products with out guilt
• How does this product benefit the client? 

Advertise carefully

Putting it all together – again and again




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